Why Some Ladies Love Rough Sex—and 4 Ways that is hot to It

Why Some Ladies Love Rough Sex—and 4 Ways that is hot to It

Hair spanking and pulling are just the commencement

The Art of Scratching. Blows and Sighs. Biting. These may seem like chapter games in a BDSM manual. But they’re actually through the world’s oldest and most guide that is revered sex—the Kama Sutra, an ancient Indian Hindu text written around 400 B.C.

Yeah, evidently men and women have been having rough intercourse since the dawn of the time. And professionals state you will find legit physiological and explanations that are psychological our passion for whips and spanking.

One reason that is such referred to as “excitation transfer theory,” says sex researcher Nicole Prause, Ph.D.

If you’re bitten, scratched, or spanked redtube, your blood pressure levels rises and your heart events in reaction to this discomfort, Prause claims. If that occurs while having sex, “you interpret it as intimate excitement.”

Another explanation is because of the brain’s “pain matrix.” Prause says there are areas in the brain that is human react to pain, and these areas overlap with areas that react to sexual arousal.

This overlap “might play a small trick on the brain,” causing it to confuse discomfort and pleasure whenever you’re experiencing them at exactly the same time, she states.

What things to Understand Before trying sex that is rough

Spontaneity and shock are fun in romance—but perhaps maybe not in rough intercourse. You ought to talk about things ahead of time to make sure you and your spouse feel safe.

Foreplay—when you’re both relaxed and aroused—is an excellent time and energy to speak about exactly what rough stuff you could enjoy, claims Psalm Isadora, a intercourse advisor situated in l . a ..

“Be open-minded,” urges Debby Herbenick, Ph.D., a connect teacher at Indiana University and composer of Because It Feels Good.

Recognize that your partner’s desires don’t necessarily mean such a thing about her history or experiences that are past Herbenick says. Reade More